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RAL Plantations Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia in the year 2009 as a private-owned entity to venture into the cultivation of Agarwood or more commonly known as Gaharu, in a sustainable manner.

The family-owned and run plantation started out with only 100 wild trees on the land situated in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Since then, RAL Plantations has worked closely with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board and local scientists to uncover the many wonders of the trees of Aquilaria genus.

Now, the plantation has over 10,000 Agarwood trees (and still growing!) comprising of 4 Aquilaria species spanning over 20 acres. Increasing market demands has prompted the company to collaborate with TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd and Nutraherbs Sdn Bhd into expanding its product range to include LEAFLIFE premium Gaharu Herbal Tea among its other existing products like wood chips, personal care products, seedlings, fertilizers and herbicides.

RAL Plantations is also sharing its expertise in this area by working with other small local entrepreneurs on the cultivation of this valuable plant. The company has been invited to conduct courses on Gaharu cultivation due to its technical know-how and commitment to preserving the continuity of the Aquilaria genus.

We now have 5 Aquilaria species with the latest inclusion and planting of 10 Aquilaria Agallocha trees (species similar to Sinensi but endemic to India).